How to avoid Home Burglary phenomenon in 2020?

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You probably know about carjacking, which consists of car theft, but do you know Home Jacking? More and more burglars are unfortunately using it. In 2015, more than 3,000 burglaries of this type were committed in France. The technique is to break into a home while the owners (or tenants) are inside and steal the keys and papers from a vehicle. robbery

If before, Home Burglary wanted to be without violence, and without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the targeted house, it becomes more and more aggressive, with kidnapping, threats, or brutality. Thus thieves generally seek to obtain a credit card number, or else to strip victims as much as possible.

What operating model for criminals?

We call ” Burglar “, criminals who break into a home to commit Home Burglary. There are therefore two possibilities of scenario. The first is a discreet entry into the house to steal the keys to a vehicle and get out. There is therefore no contact with the inhabitants.

In the second case, often in broad daylight, the Burglar enters the home and threaten the inhabitants to obtain what they want. Here the trauma is often more important for the victims.

Sometimes they will benefit from having a door or window open and other times they will take the time to pick a lock to enter. It can also pretend to be vendors, neighbors, and will ask you to open.

How can you protect yourself as effectively as possible?

How to avoid home burglary by buying a safeIn order to prevent Home Burglary, you must adopt the right reflexes which are identical to those of a more traditional burglary.

Respect some common sense rules

It is obviously necessary to limit the possibilities of Home Burglary by reducing the opportunities for thieves to break into your home. This goes through a few common-sense rules:

  • Close your gate or gates correctly
  • Close your doors and windows without the possibility of opening from the outside
  • Do not leave your keys and papers in your vehicle. Instead buy a secured safe for storing it.
  • Do not leave your keys on a table or the like, visible from a window
  • Always illuminate the courtyard properly at night or equip yourself with motion-sensor spots
  • If possible leave your vehicle in a closed garage or parking lot


Best gun safe to protect from burglars and jackers, top rated safes to protect valuablesObviously, there are many protections to allow you to thwart the plans and break-ins of jackers. In the first place, having doors with peepholes and chain is a good way to save time to hide or to block the entrance a little more and maybe to immediately discourage the perpetrators.

dog is also a good preventive measure, it will generally smell and hear much more quickly than you, and its barking can be dissuasive. It is not necessarily necessary to have a Doberman or an attack dog, a small dog will warn you just as quickly and you can then join the police.

The infrared detectors, reinforced locks, and of course security cameras are just as many safety features that will have a significant psychological impact on jackers. It is not for had to make the breakage of the century, on the contrary, they seek prey as easy as possible.


The alarm kits are necessarily interesting. They can be triggered by zone, and therefore a detector can trigger an alarm when there is movement in a room that is normally uncrowded. There is also a “panic” mode which can trigger the alarm by pressing a simple button, it is a very good way to immediately flee thieves.

We, therefore, need a maximum of protections, not necessarily effective but discouraging. From fake security cameras are as effective as real in terms of deterrence.


More and more owners are also adopting the concept of the ” panic room “. It is a small room that allows you to take refuge and call for help without running the slightest risk.  And also you can protect your valuables by hiding it in in-wall safes.

You can also own a rifle or shotgun to protect yourself and your family. But make sure you have a proper fit gun safe for the same.

How to react in the case of Home Burglary?

The one and only thing to think about when you are Home Burglary is yourself and your loved ones. So do not resist, and do not provoke the wrongdoers. They may be stressed, tense, and therefore potentially dangerous. The less you have contact with them, the less the risk of violence will be present. Respond positively to their requests so that they quickly leave your home. The main thing is not to put yourself in danger, your lives are more precious than a car or some jewelry.

Take advantage of the time that Home Burglary lasts to memorize as many details as possible about your attackers. The more precise you are (hair colors, eye colors, voices, clothes, tattoos, etc.), the more you will help the police in future searches.

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