B Rated Burglar proof safe – Best burglary safes reviews 2020

best b rated burglar proof safes reviews for home pistol and handguns

People who keep large sums of money, jewelry, watches, or important documents in their homes should consider purchasing a Burglarproof safe or a fireproof safe. A safe can play an important role in burglary protection.

Not only does it allow you to keep your valuables safe, but it also has a deterrent effect: when in an apartment, a thief stumbles upon a resistant safe, often he quickly leaves the premises. Indeed, he has every reason to think that the objects likely to interest him are inside the safe, which he would have difficulty opening.

There are gun vaults to cover different needs. Private households generally use strong cabinets. They are distinguished by high weight and massive armor. To protect important (business) documents, fire-resistant document safes are often used, while electronic data carriers are stored in special data protection cabinets.

However, for long guns and other items, a long and fireproof plus waterproof safe is needed. Today we have reviewed the best B rated burglary safes for high security.

Top 10 burglary safes reviews

#1TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

TIGERKING is a popular digital Security Safe Box that can be used at your workplace or home. This burglar-proof safe is made of high-quality thick steel material that is durable and long-lasting. There is a total of 6 live-locking bolts that offers extra protection against forced access.

The interior of this burglary rated safe is quite spacious that allows you to store your valuables like jewelry, documents, cash, pistol, and even a 14″ laptop. This safe comes with a soft inner layer which prevents your belongings from getting scratched or damaged. The shelves are removable and can be adjusted accordingly.

TIGERKING safe comes with a secondary locking system that prevents someone from accessing it even if they get hold of your emergency keys or digital code. This gives you added protection.

The safe comes with an alarm system that gets activated due to incorrect entries or violent vibrations. It is however not fire or waterproof.

#2Hollon B2015E B Rate Security Cash Box

Hollon is a b rated security cash box which is an ideal safe for you to keep your cash and other valuables. It is robust and made of solid steel. The safe comes with a thick door and drill resistant for extra protection from forced access.

This burglary rated safe requires the use of 4 AAA batteries that need to be inserted into the number dial.

The safe weighs 0.16 ounces and comes in a sleek grey color. The interior shelves can be removed or adjusted accordingly and the safe comes with pre-drilled anchor holes that allow you to install it on the wall or in the closet.

For added protection, this burglary resistant safe has an active spring-loaded re-locker. This means that if triggered by an attack on the door, the safe becomes permanently locked and would require a locksmith to open it.

Hollon cash safe is quite economical for you if you have a fixed budget in mind.

#3SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof

SentrySafe is a water and fireproof safe which is UL classified to endure 1700 degrees Fahrenheit of high temperature and 24 hours of protection in the water. So you can rest assured that your valuables are safe in an event of a fire or flood.

This burglary rated safe comes with a one-year limited warranty period.

To resist forced access, this vault features a 6 live- locking bolts and a pre-set dial combination. The mechanical dial combination locks are more reliable as you don’t have to worry about the battery life of your locks.

The safe weighs 124.8 pounds and comes in a classy black color.

However, SentrySafe doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes and it can’t be mounted to the wall. It strongly recommended to bolt down your safe on hardware. This would prevent the burglars from carrying off the vault from your home or office.

#4BUYaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant 

BUYaSafe is the popular fire resistance electronic wall safe which is designed for 8″ or more thick walls. If you do not have any space to keep a vault, you can go in for this one. It can be installed between 16″ o/c wall studs and gives all the room space you require.

This vault is made of very high-quality steel construction and weighs around 53 pounds. The beige color is also soothing to the eye. It comes with a fire-liner velvet interior for that great feel and the 2 shelves in the interior can be removed or adjusted for your convenience.

BUYaSafe comes with a digital locking system. Two mechanical override keys can be used to access this vault in case your batteries run out or the keypad is damaged.

This burglary rated safe provides you with approximately .75 cubic feet of storage space and can safely accommodate your handgun, cash, jewelry, or other important documents.

You can hang a picture over this safe to conceal it. Overall an excellent vault for your office or home.

#5Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barsha is a quick access biometric rifle safe. This b rated burglary safe is DOJ approved and comes with a 120-fingerprint biometric module. So now you can safely store away your rifles and shotguns without worrying about any unauthorized access.

The built is made of solid steel construction and is tamper-resistant. It’s 3 built-in steel deadbolts creates a 3-point locking system that keeps your firearms away from kids.

It weighs about 62 lbs and metal thickness of about 14 gauge. This vault comes with a backup battery pack for any kind of power failure.

Barsha safe can hold 2 rifles with optics. It comes with a protective floor mat that ensures your rifles don’t slip out of the safe each time you open it. You can keep your ammo and any other gun accessories on a small shelf which is about 46″ from the floor.

This b rated burglary safe comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware that allows you to safely mount it wherever you want.

#6Gun Safe 14 Long Gunfire 

Scout is a long gun fireproof safe that can withstand a high temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a mechanical dial combination locking system that is durable and ideal as it does not require batteries like the electronic ones. This safe doesn’t require a key override.

This b rated burglary safe is built of solid 14ga steel construction and weighs around 240 lbs. It comes with a door organizer that provides you with 4 handgun pockets and useful pouches to store your ammo. The door is removable. It is drill resistant and comes with a re-locking device.

The safe itself will hold a couple of rifles and provides good padding on the floor to keep the rifles secured. The shelf inside can be removed or adjusted accordingly.

Overall a great vault for your home or office.

#7Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe

For fast access personal safe for home and office, go for Viking security safe. This highly secured biometric scanner can scan about 32 fingerprints and provides easy access to your gun, handgun, pistol, and ammunition.

The built is of very high-quality steel and comes with a black scratch resistant military coating. It has an upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor and a motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism.

The interior is well carpeted which provides protection for your guns and accessories from scratches and weighs around 48 lbs.

This b rated gun safe is integrated with LED lights which is an advantage over other safes or vaults. However, the safe is not fire or waterproof.

Viking security safe comes with a sound alarm system that gets activated if the door is left unlocked for more than a minute. The time out period is after 5 incorrect PINs or 10 incorrect fingerprint attempts.

#8Hollon B1500 B rated Floor Safe

Need a safe to be kept on the floor? No problem. Hollon is a popular b rated floor burglary safe for foundations and weighs around 79lbs. This vault is UL listed and comes with a spring-loaded re-locking device to prevent any burglary attempts.

It is made of steel construction and has a 1/2″ thick solid door. This b rated gun safe comes with 5 chrome-plated solid steel locking bolts. The air-spring bar enables the safe door to be opened easily and it’s drill resistant hard plate protects the lock. However, this safe is not water or fireproof.

A solid safe to protect all your valuables at home or office and comes in an appealing color of gray.

Hollon burglar safes for home is the right choice especially if you have kids at home and need a storage space to secure all your firearms.

#9SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Waterproof Safe 

SentrySafe is a b rated burglary safe which is water and fireproof. This vault is UL classified to endure high-temperature up-to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps your valuables secured and safe from harm. It is also ETL verified to withstand a 15-foot fall in the event of a fire and a 24 hours protection in the water.

This vault comes with a pre-set dial combination that features 6 live-locking bolts for very strong security. Mechanical dial locks are more reliable as you don’t have to worry about the battery life of your lock.

The built is made of solid steel construction and weighs around 125 pounds. A pry-resistant hinge bar protects your safe from forced access and keeps all your valuables intact.

SentrySafe comes with an interior tray and drawer which can be adjusted according to your convenience for an added organization of your valuables. This safe also comes with a key rack and door pockets.

#10Hollon B-Rated Cash Safe

Hollon b rated cash safe is UL listed and weighs around 200lbs. This burglary rated safe has a 1/2″ solid steel door 1/4″ solid steel body. It comes with a chrome-plated solid steel live-locking bolts with an electronic lock. Its drill-resistant hard plate provides perfect protection against theft and burglary and an active spring-loaded re-locker mechanism ensures that your valuables are safe and secure.

The vault comes in a classy gray color. The interior is well carpeted and provides adequate space to keep all your valuables such as cash, shotguns, ammo, or documents. The shelves can be removed or adjusted accordingly.

This vault comes with pre-drilled anchor holes for mounting. However, there is no TL rating for this safe.

Overall a sturdy and robust vault to keep all your belongings secured and safe.


Here we have reviewed the best b rated burglary safes available in the market. We have concerned our experts to test this fireproof and waterproof storage cabinets.

And the expert best choice is Hollon B2015E B Rate Security and Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX as both the burglary safes are highly durable and best for storing either long guns, handguns, cash along with other valuables. 

You can make a wise choice by selecting anyone among them. At assured safes, we review all types of safes for various use.

If you have any questions related to the burglary safes or their storage and uses do let me know in the comment section. 

I would love to answer your queries.

Till then have a great day!

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