Floor safe- Best Hidden floor safes reviews 2020

Best floor safes reviews for hiding the gun safe in concrete floor with electronic lock

Everyone owns valuable things that need to be kept secure. But keeping them protected from others is the most important thing. Especially from the burglars and thieves.

Owning a security cabinet is common in America, but usually, people make mistakes while selecting the safe as per their requirement. Suppose if you want a highly secured vault for storing guns, documents, jewelry, or anything that needs to be kept away from the reach of others, then you should buy an in floor safe that is waterproof and fireproof.

Underfloor safes are extremely secured and the best way to hide it from the others. You can use these safes in your office or at home. These types of cabinets are the perfect choice for storing pistols and handgun and to use it at the time of emergency.

The best of in ground safes is that only you know where it is exactly located either under a carpet or on a concrete floor. And if you are wondering why to keep gun in safe then you need to read ahead. Though finding the floor safe isn’t an easier task as these safes are hardly available.

But we have done the difficult task for you and have reviewed the best in floor safes with high security and advanced features.

Top 10 hidden floor safe reviews

#1Viking Security Safe

Hiding safe in ground is the most secure way to keep your valuables safe. Viking Security safe provides the best security in the market.

The biometric fingerprint safe allows you to record more than 30 fingerprints for access. Initially, you can add 2 fingerprints as the admin and the rest as the primary account.

You can also input Pincode for access to your valuables including firearms like pistols or handguns. The gun cabinet can be secured in a concrete floor or a wooden floor easily as its top opening door makes it more easier for access.

Most of the time, we keep our safe under the floor, but the robustness of the security locker is important.

And for that Viking security safes are perfect, It’s a highly upgraded digital security vault with 500 DPI Optical Sensor, Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots. For extra security, a 4 prong backup cross key is also provided.

It’s very easy to set up and simple to use, and with its interior carpet, it keeps the stored items or guns safe from scratches. The security cabinet is large enough to store jewelry, cash, pistols, small electronics, and more.

You can easily access the safe even at the dark with the LED light and easy to on/off the sound button with an alert in case of unauthorized access.

Overall the biometric gun safe is reliable and durable for the given price. Hit the cart!

#2BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint 

If you are looking for a combination floor safe that can be used at home, office or shop, then surely you can consider the Barska AX1156 biometric security locker.

The gun vault is approved by DOJ that can store up to 120 fingerprints for easy access within less than 2 sec. And it is the best gun vault to keep the young hand and unwanted visitors away.

Simply make a proper cut in the floor and hide the gun safe in it for high security, always try to choose the floor that doesn’t have electric wire under it. It’s highly spacious and can store 2 handguns, documents, cash, or any valuable items.

The digital safety locker is built with durable steel and tamper-resistant edges that gives protection and make it pry-resistant with the advanced 2 built in deadbolts.

And the best feature is you can mount the safe in wall or in your closet as well with its pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.

Barska is a brand to trust in terms of security cabinets. Even this one is highly affordable safe and can be used for years to come. So get one for yourself.

#3Amsec C7 STAR Safe Round Lift Out Door

Most of the time we look for a fireproof and waterproof safe for our valuable things. And Amsec C7 star is the innovative underfloor security cabinet.

Its design is unique and in tube form that makes it most desirable. Usually, this type of safes is used for a commercial business like fast food, small retail establishments, gas station, and homeowners. 

Over 50 years Amsec is providing an excellent service to give high security to the firearms as well to any other valuables store in it.

Mainly to secure your cash from a burglar or unwanted visitor you can hide it on a concrete floor or any type of floor easily as it gives maximum fire and burglary protection. Now, with the water-resistant dust cover, you get protection from water as well.

The built in storage vault has a top open door with a lift function so securely you can get the lid open and store your cash, pistol, jewelry, and more.

Installation of the safe is easy and simple to use. Though it is quite expensive, if you want a full protection hidden floor safe with fireproof and waterproof features then this is the best choice.

#4Protex IF-1212SC II Black Business 

Business owners or small marketers usually own firearms like a pistol or handgun for their protection. As they carry cash with them always and have a fear of theft. But now with Protex IF-1212SC, you can relax in terms of protection for your money and valuables. It’s a complete design for a business secured cabinet that can be easily hidden in the floor at home or office.

You can mount it under your office table or under the bed below the carpet as no one can feel the presence of the security cabinet even after stepping on due to its up-cover black flat lid.

Even your firearms can be kept out of reach of the young hands by placing it in the floor safe. 

Mostly you can store your cash, important documents, files, jewelry, or any other nuclear formula, provided you have one, in it safely as it is a completely fireproof and waterproof security cabinet.

It is made of 1/2″ A36 solid steel direct-drive lift-out door and has a convenient lift handle. It’s a perfect choice as a commercial safe.

#5Protex IF-1500C Floor Safe

Once again we have Protex IF-1500C safe to be used for medium usage. If you want to keep a hoard of gold or cash securely under the floor then this safe is the best choice for you. The best part is it has a soundproof quality which means even if you step on the safe it won’t create rattle sound.

You can access the in ground cabinet with the help of a dialer, which can be set as per our choice. The comfortable handle allows you to open the lid and upward to access the content.

Storing a large size pistol or two handguns with ammunition can be easily stored in it.  With the high security floor safe, you can avoid burglary from home or from the office. The built in safe is constructed with 1/2″ A36 solid steel door and five ¾” chrome plated locking bolts.

Storage and installation of the security cabinet can be done easily either on the concrete or even wooden floor. And if you want wall mountable safe then click on the link.

It has a robust body that is fireproof as well as waterproof, so even in case of emergency, your belongings will be completely secured in this small locker.

In all, if you are looking for a medium size hidden floor safe then you can select this one. 

#6Hollon Safe Company In Ground Floor

Hollan safe is B Rated and strong enough to use in a commercial environment but still affordable enough to install at home. There are no other security cabinets in the market that can match the performance and robust features of this high security floor safe.

Also, the door of the safe consists of a drill-resistant hard plate made of hardened steel. You can’t buy a drill or drill bit at your local hardware store that will even scratch the surface.

It’s quite impossible to find the hidden inbuilt safe once covered with a rug or a carpet. In fact, if the floor safe is found, it will literally take a jackhammer to wrest it out of the foundation.

The best part is that Hollon installs the UL Listed S&G Group II dials at no additional charge – to give you decades of problem-free usage.

It can also be used as a long rifle storage unit or you can store any important documents, money, jewelry, gold, and more.

The powder coating provides more durable protection and its complete water resistance and fireproof. The external locker protects against the burglary attempt and the air spring bar enables the door to open easily at the time of emergency. As these points matter the most while buying a safe.

For the given price it’s a high rate B grade security cabinet, I would definitely recommend this for commercial as well as household security.

#7Barska 0.22 Cubic Ft. Floor Safe

If you want a budget-friendly hidden ground safe then head turns to Barska 0.22 Cubic floor safe. It’s a 0.22 cubic ft built in safe that offers a discreet way of storing valuables and important belongings. 

This solid steel Floor Safe fits easily between the joists underneath most floorboards and features pre-drilled mounting holes for quick installation.

Once the underground floor safe is installed it sits level with the surrounding surface allowing it to be covered by other items such as a rug. 

The safe comes with 2 built-in pry-resistant deadbolts to keep your valuables secure and can be mounted with included hardware. Also, Two manual keys are provided for opening the safe.

You can store cash, documents, and other valuables in it. If you want a fingerprint scan gun safe for pistols and handguns then we have reviewed the best safes. If you are a frequent traveler and need a portable small safe then we have reviewed the best safes in our post.

In a nutshell, the safe is extremely compact and discrete for hiding securely on the floor. It’s a highly affordable security cabinet among the rest safes reviewed here.

#8Protex Durable Floor Safe, Black (IF-1212C II)

Do you need a small floor safe for storing cash and guns? Protex Durable Floor safe IF1212C is the smallest model in a line of floor safes from Protex. It is designed to be installed in concrete floors flush with the finished floor which makes it completely concealed and enhances the burglary.

It has a dialer combination to open the security cabinet, you can set the code as per your choice.

The safe is highly secured and constructed with sturdy steel cover. The best part is that it has a drill resistant carburized hard plate that gives it more protection.

It has a bottom plate with ½” lip all around to prevent removal. Once installed it can be used for storing handguns and cash securely. 

The lift outdoor makes it easy to open and access the content that is made up of A36 solid steel of ½”.

Moreover, this secured locker can be installed near the bedside or in your personal cabin under the floor.

#9Barska AX13200 Floor Safe

Moving to Barska again but this floor safe is 0.89 cubic ft in size and provides extra security by storing them in the low-profile Underground Floor Safe.

It can be easily installed in a home or office, especially if you own a shop then its the best safe for storing cash in it. The high security cabinet is made up of Three solid steel locking deadbolts that prevent tampering and provide maximum security.

The safe comes with a high quality combination lock, has 2 built-in pry-resistant deadbolts to keep your valuables secure, and can be mounted with included hardware.

The door of the built in safe is completely level to the floor and could be easily hidden under carpets or rugs. You can also store a pistol in it or any valuable jewelry or item as it will keep it secured with its waterproof and fireproof feature.

The best part is the Safe comes with a deposit slot that allows you to deposit cash or small envelopes into the safe without having to open it.

This safe is highly durable and reliable also easy to hide underfloor.

#10FS2300B Hayman Floor Safes

Our last floor safe is from Hayman. The safe has a patented polyethylene body that makes it rustproof and leak-resistant. 

It’s a highly secured fireproof security cabinet that provides protection against burglary and seepage. The heavy duty safe has ¼” thick collar bolted to the body on all 4 sides using specially hardened bolts.

The versatile storage system allows you to store firearms, cash, or any important document in it. It has a comfortable handle that gives an easy uplift of the door to open and access the content.

The hidden safe can be open with a dialer that makes it more secured and protected from unwanted users. Although the price is quite high, then you get high security safe.

I would recommend this safe for official and commercial use only.


Here we have reviewed the best floor safe available in the market. We have concerned our experts to test this fireproof and waterproof storage cabinets.

And the expert best choice is BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint and Hollon Safe Company In Ground Floor as both the floor safes are highly durable and best for storing either long guns or handguns along with other valuables. 

You can make a wise choice by selecting anyone among them. At assured safes, we review all types of safes for various use.

If you have any questions related to the floor safes or their storage and uses do let me know in the comment section. 

I would love to answer your queries.

Till then have a great day!



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