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Best In Wall Gun Safes Reviews- 9 Robust mountable Hidden Gun Cabinets

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023 By Krystle R. Williams


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People who carry guns with them also take responsibility. But sometimes this responsibility may go wrong.

Mainly when your house gets robbed and your gun is stolen, and after about two weeks, the gun is found on a crime scene.

Then the trouble is felt, and carelessness is realized. Or sometimes it may happen that unknowingly kids or guests come into contact with guns at home. In such a situation, the probability of an accident is the worst.

But by taking a small step, you can avoid all these things.

By acquiring a protected Gun safe!

Especially, in wall gun safe that keeps everyone away from the sight and also provides security. A gun safe will not only give you safety but will also protect you from using it inadvertently.

Many products are available in the market as per the need of the users, some may need gun cabinets for long guns or shotguns or merely for a pistol.

But it is essential to choose the best and featured in-wall gun safe. And to make your work easier, after testing and researching we have reviewed these best products in the market.

Top 9 most trustworthy In Wall gun safes 

#1SnapSafe In Wall Safe

Best Overall


  • 16 gauge steel body
  • LED visual warning
  • Secured by 6 lag bolts

If you are looking for home wall safes for guns that can protect jewelry and valuables as well, Snapsafe can become your best choice. You can easily hide this gun safe in the wall or closet by protecting it from the sight of others. 

The specialty of the hidden gun safe is that it can be easily mountable in the wall also it has a secret compartment inside, which helps keep the cash or other valuables. And the 2 storage shelves to store guns and ammunition.

You can easily access the Safe with the digital Pincode. It can be set as per our own choice between 3-8 digits.

The Safe is constructed out of heavy solid steel that protects it from thieves and burglars. You can easily place gun safe in a closet or behind the artwork, painting, or  behind the mirror as it is also considered as mirror wall safe

It is secured by 6 lag bolts that fit seamlessly this in wall gun safe between studs.

This Safe is quite strong and sturdy, and it is also better to use Livelong.

  • 16 gauge steel body
  • Two storage shelves
  • Hidden security compartment
  • Non Fireproof
  • Narrow Interior

#2V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage

Expert Choice


  • Concealed In-Wall Safe
  • Flush Mounted
  • Anti-Pry Protection

If you want a large wall safe that matches your interior and is spacious, you can definitely get a V-line quick vault. This Safe has been designed very carefully to give a finished look to the wall.

It is also quite spacious due to the lack of electric batteries.

The best thing about this in wall gun cabinet is that its interior steel frames give more protection to the prying attack doors. This is easily Mountable in the wall between 2 wall studs for storing pistols and setting the code is much easier than that, you can set the code according to yourself up to 1081 times.

Due to the lack of battery usage, you can be sure of the problem of running out of battery. It is specially designed as a pistol wall safe as pistols come in varying sizes.

But is so large from inside that you can comfortably keep handguns, wallet, jewelry, documents or anything in it.

Its interior cushion is scratch-proof, which keeps things safe.

You can hide it behind a beautiful wall frame or painting, as it’s a narrow wall safe there is no need for more space to place it. Overall, this Safe can become your best companion in keeping the gun safe as well as getting quick access at the time of emergency.

Its price is perfect, and it is extreme and durable too. So Don’t overthink and click on the buy button now.

  • Geniune SIMPLEX lock
  • No batteries to go dead
  • Quick Access Safe
  • Exterior Depth is not deep
  • Non Fireproof safe

#3Digital Electronic Flat Recessed wall safe

If your search is towards biometric in wall safes, then this disguised gun cabinet is designed for you. It is a recessed wall safe that you use it for a shop, home, or even office.

Its highlighted feature is that you can access it quickly only with the touch of your finger. The best part of these fingerprint wall safes that it can store more than 100 fingerprints.

It’s a combination wall safe that either opens with fingerprint or with Pincode, in which you can set the codes of your choice between 3 to 8 digits. And to increase the security, 2 hidden lock keys are also provided with this safe.

You can use this large wall safe as a secret gun safe in your office, shops, or in a personal cabin to protect yourself from burglary or theft. You can store firearms ammunition as well as jewelry and cash in it.

Inside it, 2 shelves have been provided, which is not only removable, you can use it as per your wish. This Biometric in-wall gun safe is made of high-quality solid steel with a 3/4 pin bolt throw system.

You can easily mount the gun case inside the wall or in the closet. Its interior has soft cushions padding, which keeps the duplicate items safe.

I would recommend this slim wall safe because it is very durable and useful. Most importantly, it will gratify your pocket.

#4BUYaSafe Fireproof wall safe

Along with gun protection, if you get a fireproof gun safe that too build in wall, then its security gets doubled. The Buyasafe WES2113-DF is a slim look fire-resistant wall safe.

It is specially designed as a disguised safe for deeper walls; its depth is up to 8 inches. The door of this wall safe is made of 3/16″ thick solid steel plate to prevent from forcibly prying open the door.

Usually, fireproof wall gun safe is needed for the banks and huge offices as they are quite expensive, but now you can get the same quality feature in a wall gun cabinet at a cheaper price.

It is effortless to install the In wall gun safe between 2 wall studs by just drilling inside with a proper cut hole in the wall.

The protective Safe is made up of high-quality gauge material that makes it burglary and fire-resistant.

It comes with a Fire-liner velvet interior that gives protection to the gun, documents, and any other valuables from fire. The digital keypad allows you to set the combination between 3-8 digits and also retain in the memory even if the battery dies.

The keypad is flush with the Safe’s flange; therefore, it ables you to hang a picture over the safe to conceal it from view.

Also, the keypad has a hidden lock that can be open the Safe with a mechanical override key, provided with the hidden cabinet.

It is a reliable and robust safe that can be used up to Lifelong. It is difficult to get such a fireproof safe in the market at a given price. But you can get it now by placing an order online.

Click on the given link and get your safe now.

#5Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

Biometric safes are always better for storing guns than ordinary safes because they open quickly with finger touch. But suppose if you get both an in wall gun cabinet with biometric access and can be used at home and office, how will it be?

Knowing that you will feel exciting and Viking Security Safe provides these features. And the interesting thing is there is no gap in its door which makes complete disguised in the wall for hard to pry.

This is a heavy-duty hidden gun safe that is mountable anywhere in the wall, whether it is a bedroom or hall or your closet. You can easily hide the wall safe behind any mirror or a beautiful painting.

At the time of emergency, you can access your gun instantly by scanning your fingerprint. You can keep more than 2 guns in it and also the valuables. Its shelves are solid and removable and adjustable too. For example, if you want to keep some big stuff in the safe, you can easily remove the shelves and keep them.

So now you must have conceded what this in wall gun safes can do for you. We have also reviewed small portable gun locker that’s best for traveling 

Here you go, Hit straight to the cart.

#6Giantex Electronic Wall

Our Next Protective Safe is excellent for both home and commercial use.

Giantex electronic in wall gun safes give you complete protection. You either keep guns, documents, or any such secret thing that you want to protect from others.

You can access your firearms in 2 ways, either with Pincode or hidden key. It is made of solid steel material, which gives it the most protection against theft and unwanted access.

It has massive storage and removable shelves facilities that make it more productive. Also, installing the gun safe is manageable in between two walls studs with its pre-drilled mounting holes.

It is an easily mountable gun safe in the wall Safe behind the book-shelf, mirror, or painting to keep away from the sight of others. Its safety doubles after 3 incorrect combinations.

If you talk about the look of it, it has been designed in a way that is highly reliable and durable with a stylish look.

I claim that you won’t be disappointed by buying this in wall gun safe.

#7V-Line Closet Vault

Another fantastic product is from a V-line closet it is a gun safe especially for long guns or rifles.

This safe has a three-way locking system and it’s a keyless long gun safe. You can use it at home or office, shop anywhere.

The feature I liked the most about this in wall Safe is its Simplex mechanical push button lock to open the door. It is great for storing up to 4 long guns or rifles securely hidden in the wall.

After installing this in wall safes, you can be assured of Home Burglary or Theft. In this gun safe, you can keep pistols or handguns, multiple shelves are made in it, in which you can also keep cash, jewelry, or precious items.

Fits into the wall and only protrudes out 2″. The additional 2″ creates over 50% more storage capacity over a flush to the mounted wall safe.

And If you want biometric gun cabinets for a long gun or rifles then you can read our expert reviews on in wall safes for long gun safes.

The design of this safe will match your interior, and you will not have to re-plaster the wall. 

In and all this in wall gun safes can become a reliable and perfect choice for you.

#8Barska AX12880 BioMetric Wall Safe

Let’s move towards branded gun safe, which is from the Barska brand. Barska has made a perfect appearance in the market by presenting its Variety of Featured Safes.

It has quick access safes for guns then either it is biometric rifle safes or full length in wall safes.

And one of them is a Large biometric in wall gun safe. Basically this safe is for storing pistols and handguns. Its distinctive feature is that its door opens to the left. 

At the same time, its fold-down tray can also be used as a table for your added convenience. It is made with high-tech technology and has to go through fingerprint recognition to quickly access your firearms.

You can record up to 120 fingerprints in it, which easily opens the lock with just the touch of a finger.

Inside the Safe is an extra locked compartment for more sensitive items. It also features an LED Light and fold-down tray for extra convenience.

Mounting this wall gun is very easy and it’s custom designed compartments are made in it, in which you can store many valuable things.

As a fingerprint gun safe built in the wall, its features give you quick access to firearms, which is very important.

I will thoroughly recommend this in wall safes because I have always trusted Barska. Definitely, you will also be happy with it.

#9First Watch in wall long gun safe

Our last product is from First Watch. Out of all the safes, this is the most affordable in wall safe for long guns. It is perfect for the home, office, or vacation home.

If you’re fond of hunting then you can surely have this hidden gun safe to store rifle or shotguns from out of the reach of kids.

It’s so spacious that a full-length AR-15 type rifle can be stored in this rifle gun cabinet

You will be amazed by this disguised rifle safe as it will completely match with your interior or you can also hide it in your closet.

Along with the gun, you can also keep jewelry and cash in it. It is designed to secure your valuables in a concealed location – behind a mirror or inside a closet or in the basement.

It is effortless to operate and program along with pre-drilled holes to easily mountable inside the wall.

You can access your firearms with the keys. It’s a keyless built in wall safe. It is made of very high-quality solid steel material that protects it from any kind of handtool or mechanical tool attack.

This is manageable and durable, safe for a low price. You can select it by clicking on the buy button.


So here I have reviewed all top-rated safes with their distinctive features. As all safes are tested and searched by experts before presenting to you. As per expert V-Line Quick Vault and V-Line Closet Vault is the best choice if you want a hidden cabinet for long guns or handguns or pistols. You can select any of them for better protection and security. 

If you have any questions in your mind related to an in wall safes, then you must tell me that in the comment section below. 

I will be happy to answer your questions. At assured safes we review all types of gun safes by considering the need and requirements of the users.

Do you have a better in wall gun safe than this? 

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