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RFID gun safe – best quick rfid safes review 2020

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Every year, hundreds of accidents result from the improper storage of firearms. Of course, everyone immediately jumps to the nightmarish scenario of a toddler grabbing a gun. However, other things can happen.

Criminals are notorious for building houses. Especially when they think they might get their hands on a gun. Not just to commit a violent crime. Firearms are generally expensive items that are easy to sell Legally and illegally.

I think you would agree that all responsible gun owners should keep their guns in a gun safe. Apart from owning a gun safe, it is also necessary that you get quick access to it.

RFID gun safe is the best among the other technology. We are very familiar with using swipe cards and bracelets to get access to money, documents, locker similarly with RFID technology you can also quickly access your gun and pistols.

It basically a radio frequency waves that help to quickly access the details and open the door for getting the firearms.

This security vault comes with accessories that allow you to use it easily while traveling or even at home. But selecting the perfect quick safe with RFID technology is quite difficult. No worries, I am here for you.

I have selected and reviewed the best RFID gun storage at the best price for you.

So here we go…

Best Overall Best Overall RPNB Gun Security Safe
  • Door OpeningTop opening
  • Lock TypeBiometric, RFID, Manual Keys
  • Storage1 Standard handgun with ammo
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Best Performance Best Performance Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe
  • Door OpeningTop opening
  • Lock TypeWristband, Key Fob, and RFID Stickers
  • Storage1 handgun or pistol with ammo
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Best Affordable Best Affordable RPNB Gun Security Safe Quick-Access Firearm
  • Door OpeningTop opening
  • Lock TypeKeypad, RFID, Fob card, Manual Key
  • Storage1 Handgun with ammo
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Best Heavy Duty Best Heavy Duty Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID
  • Door OpeningTop opening
  • Lock TypeRFID, Manual Keys
  • Storage1911 size pistols and 4-inch revolvers
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Best Premium Best Premium Hornady Long Gun Vault with RFID
  • Door OpeningRight side
  • Lock TypeWrist band, Fob keys, Manual keys, Keypad
  • Storage6 long gun & 14 Handgun
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Best portable Best portable Fortress Medium Portable Safe
  • Door OpeningDrop down
  • Lock TypeKeypad, RFID, Fob card
  • Storage2 pistol with ammo
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Best Vehicle Safe Best Vehicle Safe Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker
  • Door OpeningDrop Down
  • Lock TypeRFID, Key fob, Manual keys
  • Storage50lb AR rifle or Shotgun
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Best Compact Best Compact Bulldog Vaults Magnum Top Load
  • Door OpeningTop Load
  • Lock TypeKeypad, RFID, Manual keys
  • Storage1 handgun with ammo
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Best Durable Best Durable Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe
  • Door OpeningTop opening
  • Lock TypeWristband, Key Fob, RFID, Cable
  • Storage1 Handgun or pistol with ammo
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Top 9 RFID gun safe reviews

1. RPNB Gun Security Safe, Quick-Access Firearm Safety

Best Overall


  • 18 gauge heavy duty steel construction
  • High security design
  • Anti-pry bars

RPNB Gun Security Safe comes with a biometric fingerprint or RFID lock. The quick access gun cabinet gives 3-way access using key mob, multiple finger scans, and code.

The advantage of having those keys is to provide a reliable backup to override digit code at the time of emergency. The offers rapid fire backlit keypad for fast entry and has over 20,000 unique combinations. It is highly portable and can be carried while traveling easily.

RFID handgun safe is built using 18 ga sturdy steel construction. The product is quite resolute and comes with a classy black finish. RFID quick safe can be used to store watches, jewelry, cash, gun, and more.

It pry resistance door gives anti-theft protection with anti-pry bars that prevent the tool from breaking in.

This gun box has a good storage space wherein it can easily hold two full-size handguns.

The handgun safe is highly reliable and can be used for years to come. So get one for you now!

  • Prevents corrosion
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware included
  • Can fit a 12” gun
  • 4 AA batteries not included
  • Cannot register more than 20 fingerprints
  • No quick shelf provided

2. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

Best Performance


  • Includes Wristband, Key Fob, and RFID Stickers
  • 14ga Steel Construction
  • ASTM International safety standards

Hornady security rapid safe is made up of heavy duty 14ga steel construction with a classy black finish that prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection. The RFID gun safe offer tamper proof security that ensures your handguns are well secured.

Out of 3 modes of entry, this RFID handgun cabinet allows you to program the keypad and set a 4-6-digit code apart from the other RFID method of access.

The RFID gun box follows the guidelines of ASTMInternational Safety Standards for child and pry resistance it has a strong lock system and that protects it from hinge attack resistance.

Additional cable wire gives more assurance that your valuables are well-protected.

However, the Hornady security rapid gun safe can hold only one firearm along with ammunition. So, the quick safe is suitable for them who own a single handgun or pistol.

If you want an RFID gun safe for storing one standard handgun than you should surely go for this portable gun vault. Simply grab the lightweight safe and you are free to move either in car or airplane.

The gun cabinet works on Ac and battery power that ensures the valuables are protected even on the go.

The RFID lockbox comes in two sizes, the 2600KP and 2700KP offer convenient, tamper-proof security for handguns and other valuables.

  • Includes wristband
  • Exceeds ASTM
  • AC and battery-powered
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Holds one firearm
  • Available in limited sizes
  • No gun shelf provided

3. RPNB Gun Security Safe Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device

Best Affordable


  • Anti-theft protection
  • Shock-proof Carrying Handle

Our next security locker is again from RPNB Gun Security Safe. It comes with a non-biometric fingerprint and an RFID lock.

The smart gun safe gives 4-way access with the unique RFID key fob, card, and manual keys.

The advantage of having those keys is to provide a reliable backup and additional security at the time emergency. The hidden gun safe offers rapid fire backlit keypad for fast entry and has over 20,000 unique combinations.

RFID handgun safe is built using 18ga sturdy steel construction. Its doors open upwards and that allows you to store it in the drawer as well as under the floor as a hidden underground gun cabinet.

RFID pistol safe is durable and provides long-lasting strength. This product has a good storage space wherein it can easily hold two full-size handguns.

The price is affordable and will definitely suit your pocket.

  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware included
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Can fit a 12” gun
  • Easy to install
  • Non-biometric fingerprint
  • 4 AA batteries not included
  • Non fireproof

4. Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID

Best Heavy Duty


  • Touch Free entry
  • Can be carried in Luggage

The next product is again from Hornady Rapid Gun safe. The RFID gun safe provides instant access to the pistol or handguns using tags such as wristbands, key fobs, and decals.

The advantage of using RFID technology is that there is no need for a key or your fingerprints. Just punch your wristband and you are ready to get the firearms.

The quick RFID lockbox can read up-to five different tags.

This gun safe RFID can fit most 1911 size pistols and 4” handguns. It comes in a cool black color and can it can also be used as a hidden wall gun safe by mounting on either side.

Best you get in the gun vault storage is the included cable wire that allows the lockbox to be secured in any virtual location

This product has been certified by the ASTM International Safety Standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength and hinge attack resistance, and meets the TSA requirements.

So, if you are a frequent traveler and want to carry your pistol with you just get the portable lockbox as it meets these guidelines for pistol safety in luggage check.

You can also open this safe by the conventional method of a key lock. You can surely add the safe in your buying list.

  • Certified child-resistant
  • Program up-to 5 RFID tags
  • Wrist brand provided
  • Not suitable for large size pistol
  • No Led backlight

5. Hornady Long Gun Vault with RFID

Best Premium


  • 16 guage Heavy duty steel construction
  • Secured for Long guns and rifles
  • Storage Flexibility with removable rack

Ya I know again I am with Hornady RFID gun storage, but the brand is trustable and reliable.

The comes with pre-drilled mounting holes that can help you to secure it safely either on the floor or in the closet.

The best I like about the RFID gun safe that it can be used for storing large rifles and long guns easily in the cabinet.

If you wish to configure the vault, you can do so with metal interior peg walls. The vault itself is quite sturdy and of superior quality.

It provides you five hardened locking lugs for that extra security. It can accommodate up to 6 long guns and 14 handguns including AR-15 type rifles with scope.

This RFID gun storage comes in a black metal finish and can blend at any corner of your interiors. With the help of a neoprene floor mat and barrel, the firearms remain stable in one place for easy access without scratches.

This product meets the ASTM International Safety Standards and has been approved by California DOJ as a firearm safety device.

Though it doesn’t have a quick shelf it does provide the racks for extra storage. It is also best to use as a biometric scan safe as a fingerprint scan provides more security.

Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault comes with RDIF Technology for quick access with four RFID tags that can be programmed to open this vault.

It weighs around 170 Ibs and uses a power voltage of 12V 1.0A. I would recommend this safe to you if you want to hold a large number of guns in more secure ways with RFID access.

  • Tamper-proof construction
  • Protected by PVC coating
  • Can store 6 longs guns and 14 handguns
  • Wrist band provided
  • 4 AA batteries not included
  • Quick shelf is not provided

6. Fortress Medium Portable Safe

Best portable


  • U security alarm sound
  • Spring Loaded drop down door
  • Foam Padded interior

Fortress medium portable Rfid gun safe comes with the access card, key fob, and electronic lock. It has a smooth black metal appearance with a removable shelf which can be removed if you need to keep large size pistol or medium size gun.

The RFID handgun vault comes along with foam padding in the inside that protects the items from scratches. Fortress Medium Safe has a unique “whisper” feature that allows the keypad to remain silent that gives more protection at the time of emergency.

The security alarm system gives alert and rings on in case you enter an incorrect code or due to unauthorized access. The safe can hold 2 pistols but can hold more than two if you don’t keep the accessories. It comes with a back-up key.

The keypad is easy to program and works flawlessly. This product is approved by the California DOJ. Apart from this, it is highly affordable and inexpensive safe and can be bought for a single pistol or handgun.

  • Comes with a Security alarm
  • RFID lock with a card, key fob, and self-adhesive label
  • Removable shelf
  • Mobile app access
  • small in size
  • The alarm is quite sensitive
  • Difficult to store in drawer or suitcase

7. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch-Free Entry 

Best Vehicle safe


  • Four internal hardened locking lugs
  • Gun Safe for Rifles and Shotguns
  • Tamper proof construction

Hornady presents heavy duty RFID gun storage that comes with touch-free technology. You can use the included wristband, key fob, or the decal to open up your gun locker for quick access. It is a highly professional quick access long rifle safe that can be installed under the bed or even in vehicles like a truck.

The locker uses 125 kHz RFID tags. The built of the locker itself is sturdy and you can store rifles or shotguns and accessories comfortably.

It also comes with a 1500-Ib rated cable. The safe is made up of heavy steel of 16 gauge steel with four internal hardened locking lugs.

This locker satisfies the ASTM International Safety Standards. It also comes with a pre-drilled mounting hole for easy mount either vertically or horizontally and a spring-loaded door.

Overall a good sturdy product. It is easy to install and has enough storage room space for other gun accessories. Confidently store and secure your gun safe accessories. Hit the cart now!

  • RFID wristband, key fob or decal
  • Comes with a cable tie
  • Certified child-resistant
  • Extra room for gun accessories
  • Short power cord
  • No interior lights

8. Bulldog Vaults Magnum Top Load LED Digital Vault with RFID Access

Best Compact


  • Heavy-duty 16 gauge steel construction
  • Interior light
  • Spring loaded door

Bulldog Vault With RFID technology locker is sturdy and of very good quality. It can be opened using four methods of entry such as access buttons, RFID cards, key fob, or with the emergency keys. However, there are no RFID bracelets for this vault.

It is built with high quality steel construction. The best part of this product is that it comes with a spring door, in case you want the safe door to remain open for some time.

This RFID gun safe is small and portable and can be easily stored inside your drawers. It comes with an interior LED lighting which is good when using in dark places and lights up when the lid is opened.

This safe however doesn’t come with pre-drilled mounting holes, but it does include a cable. The padding inside is also of good quality. It’s an ideal bedside gun safe.

  • LED interior lighting
  • Convenient spring door
  • Highly portable
  • No pre-drilled mounting holes
  • No RFID bracelet

9.Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access

Best Durable


  • RFID Activated by wristband
  • 14 Gauge steel with two internal hardened locking lugs
  • Heavy-duty construction

This RFID gun storage comes with a touch-free RFID technology that provides instant access to this safe using tags such as wristbands, key fobs, or stickers. You can program a 4-6-digit security code to gain access to this safe.

It comes with a spring lid door that opens up very conveniently for you. It is tamper proof and is made of steel construction which is quite sturdy and durable.
It is made up of heavy duty 14ga steel construction with a durable powder coat finish that prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection. The vault also has two internal hardened locking lugs.

The safe can itself be mounted on either side and comes in a sleek grey color. There is no compromise on the quality too.

The product weighs around 42.4 Ib.

Setting this vault up in a vehicle couldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time and it can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

  • RFID wristband, key fob or sticker
  • Convenient spring door
  • Accommodates small firearms
  • Product can be further improved


Here you get the perfect review of the best RFID gun safes available in the industry. Assured safes always provide the details only after researching and testing several gun safes on the basis of performance and sturdy. But out Expert choice is  Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe and Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker as both the security locker is best in price and suitable for both long rifles as well as pistols and handguns. So you can select any from the both.

If you have any queries related to RFID gun safes do let me know in the comment section. I would love to answer your queries.

Till then have a great day!

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