Best Rifle Safes reviews (2020)- 10 Strong long gun cabinets for quick access

Best rifle safes reviews,Fireproof long gun safe cabinet storage

In this day and era, it is normal owning a rifle or long gun for protection. But do you have Safes for it? Wondering why Safes is needed for the firearms! Let me review this.

It’s an absolute truth that owning a weapon must have a Safes, there is no other option for it. A foremost reason to have Safes is to keep the firearms from falling into wrong hands. It also increases your security and stops the chances of happening something terribly wrong.

Firearms safety might the one reason for owning a rifle gun safe, but several other reasons need consideration at a priority level. If you have small children in the house, then it is important to take special care to keep them away from the firearms. Probably you have kept it out of their reach but it can be unlocked.

Surprisingly according to a survey, there are several incidents involving children each year in the USA. So it’s always better to keep the rifle or pistol safely locked up in secured cabinets.

Burglars are gold diggers but firearms are the most targeted items during any home burglary. And the owner gets the idea of the stolen guns only after they’re used in crimes. It’s always better to keep the rifles in superior quality safes.

Most importantly in some countries across America have rules that any person who owns a weapon also needs to have a Safes by law. Failure to do so can result in huge fines or your shotgun can be confiscated from you.

Now here you know the importance of owning a Safes. Apart from this, it can protect your firearms from more than just accidents and thefts. It gives ultra protection from fire-breakouts, natural disasters and keeps it completely waterproof even if submerged. Enlighten! But which safe is good for you?

There are multiple choices available for buying a long gun storage cabinet. But buying the best one with a stunning feature is what matters the most.

So here are the best review for the safe for the money, Stay tuned!!

10 Best Rifle Safes of 2020 Reviews

#1 V-Line Single rifle safe

V-line single Safes for rifles are the best product in the market. The security cabinet is made up of sturdy 16ga superior steel and it is designed to store AR-15 type guns.

The best part is it can be easily hidden in a closet or behind the door for the concealment purpose. It comes with pre-drilled holes in the bottom that allows you to mount it in a horizontal or vertical position as per your need.

The storage cabinet is spacious enough to store a single long rifle with accessories.

The featured point is the primary quick access lock which does not require batteries that can fail or keys that can fall into the wrong hands.

Its combination is easy to set and change. Simply it’s a perfect keyless high graded lock. The rifle locker has a simplex five push button mechanical lock that offers quick and easy access.

Additionally, 2 keyed locks are given for added security. The security cabinet is powder-coated in a textured low-gloss black finish. Pretty good!

Installation of compact safe is easier and can be done by anyone. If you want to place the rifle safe in the vehicle like a truck you can do that as well.

So what are you waiting for, Hit the cart!

#2 V-Line Quick Access Rifle safe

If you are looking for a quick access rifle safe than V-line Quick access is all you need.

It is sleek and slim in design and it can be stored in any place as you desire like in a closet or behind the doors.

You can also store the narrow gun safe under your bed for more security reasons. All V-line gun cabinets are made with high-quality steel and designed to accommodate a home defense long gun and rifles.

Mounting can be done horizontally or vertically as it has pre-drilled ¼” holes in the bottom of the compact locker. It comes with an inbuilt strap to hold the rifle if it is mounted on the wall.

As I said it has quick access that means no keys no batteries, as batteries drain away in a few months and the key can fall in the wrong hands.

It is a simple gun cabinet high-grade lock with a simplex five push button mechanical lock that offers quick and easy access.

The combination is easy to set and change, with 1081 possible codes. I would say that keep the passcode easy for quick access.

For additional security 2 tubular locks with keys are located in each corner of the narrow cabinet. V-line safes are highly secured and reviewed by professionals. Also this safe would highly suit your budget as it is cheaper than the rest.

#3Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe

If you are looking for a long gun safe for the safety of your kids, you should have a look at the Moutec Large electronic rifle safe.

This is a larger and deeper safe with a separate pistol lockbox. You can store 5 rifle guns up to 50″ long with or without the scope.

The interior consists of a small lockbox that can be used to store bullets, handgun, money, and other valuable items.

The highlighted feature is the digital keypad that gives quick access to the firearm by instantly unlocking the security cabinet with a reliable PIN code.

It has an alarm system for wrong access to prevent it from unauthorized access. The pre-drilled mount holes at the bottom of the gun safe help to mount it either on the wall or floor, horizontally or vertically.

Amazingly inbuilt barrel rest in the back keeps the rifle in place side by side.

You also get an additional accessory with the safe that includes 4AA batteries, 2 spare keys, 2 keys for inside box, 4 anchor bolts, 1 instructions manual plus 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Holy!! Sounds valuable. I would definitely recommend this as it the best rifle safe, as it is durable and perfectly affordable. Also, let me bring this to your consideration that this safe has received the highest review from the buyers.

It’s a perfect solution to keep yourself secure and protected. Get yourself one today by clicking the buy button NOW!.

#4 BARSKA Quick Access Rifle vault

Barska electronic rifle safe comes with biometric keypad it is a great way to keep rifles and other long guns securely stored and readily accessible.

It has ultra-advanced design and a digital perfect finish look. The advanced feature of the long gun vault that it includes a fingerprint identification system and allows the registered user to quickly access the safe with a quick scan of the fingerprint.

The combination rifle safe can store up to 120 fingerprints. Even it has traditional keys for added security to open the storage locker.

The protected carpet interior keeps the firearms scratch proof. You can store 4 rifle guns easily with its inbuilt barrel rest.

A small interior safe cabinet is also available for storing pistol or ammo. Its 3 points steel deadbolt locking system gives you complete safety at home.

Additional accessories are also available, it includes 4xAA batteries, mounting hardware, and 2 back up keys.

From my personal experience, I would say its security system is immense. I assure you that you will not regret your decision for the money.

#5 FCH Electronic Gun Safe 

If you are looking for an advanced version of a compact rifle safe with keypad lock than FCH gun safe is the one for you.

The high-quality simplex safe comes already assembles, all you need just to insert the batteries and set the keypad passcode.

You can easily program it as it comes with clear instruction. It has the upgraded memory function that remains your code even if the battery dies; so there is no need to hassle over changing the password again.

It is spacious enough to store 5 rifle guns or long guns. There is also storage locker inside the cabinet that can also hold 1-2 handguns or it can be used for storing valuable items even cash.

You can keep the storage vault horizontally even vertically; it comes with 4 bolts for placement either in-wall or floor.

Apart from this, the digital safe comes with additional accessories i.e 4xAA batteries, 2 spare keys for the gun safe, and 2 keys for inside safebox.

The smart safe can also be used to store in vehicle likes trucks for safety.

On the go the safe look is classy, plus point is it comes with code memory function and it is good for the money. You can make a wise choice by including this in your list.

#6 Barska Electronic rifle safe

One more product from Barska with a biometric keypad. It gives the ultimate home defense and absolute firearms security.

Gun Safes with biometric fingerprint options ensure the security of firearms from your kids and effectively deters unauthorized access.

The fast firearm access just takes 2.5 sec to access your rifle for home defense. It is constructed with superior quality steel that keeps the rifle vault tamper-resistant and pry-proof.

Department of Justice has approved this safe for storage of firearms; up to 4 rifle or long guns can be stored with ease. It has a storage locker for accommodating valuable things.

The protective floor mat keeps the firearms scratch proof. Apart from this, there is also backup access available; it has low power consumption technology that scans up to 10000 scans in 4AA batteries.

Or else you can also use traditional keys to unlock the firearm cabinet. It is ultra-compact in size that it can be fit in your closet or garage easily.

As said previously Barska is determined to deliver quality Safes at an affordable value. It is comparatively cheap than other rifle vaults for the money.

#7 Best Choice Products

If you’re looking for a combination rifle safe more than just storing rifles than I would say think for Best choice products.

It is perfect for not only keeping firearms but also for storing valuables such as family heirloom, jewelry, documents, and more.

This storage cabinet gives you the maximum security as it has a digital keypad that allows you to program this electronic storage with your passcode.

Also, it includes keys for manual locking and unlocking. The amazingly built-in rack provides storage space for up to 5 rifles with a padded interior floor to prevent scratches on the firearms.

A highlighted feature is its compact and narrow design, you can store the cabinet hidden from the intruders, as it is slim and sleek that allows you to store in your closet.

Next, the heavy duty safe is made up of tough steel that includes sleeve anchors to securely bolt it to the wall or floor.

For better storage of safes in the wall read our best review post by experts.

In a nutshell, you get an excellent quality safe that is durable and secure.

#8 Stack-On GCB-14P Steel 

Stack on GCB 14p is the safest cabinet for storing your firearms. Stack- on cabinets is standardized for safely securing firearms; also it is approved by the California department of justice.

The heavy duty rife safe is made up of superior quality steel with 3 point locking system with double-butted, key coded lock provides greater security. It can hold 14 rifles or shotguns up to 54” tall.

The removable top shelf gives you additional space for storing handguns, cash, or any other valuables.

There is a gap between the shelf and the back wall of the cabinets which gives you enough space to store long guns in safes along the wall of the unit.

It has pre-drilled mounting holes that allow you to easily attach it either to the wall or floor. The highlighted feature is the contour of barrel rest for storing long guns or shotguns side by side.

Molded barrel rests are made with high-quality material that it won’t deteriorate or compress over time.

You also get a unique removable standoff that can be attached to any Stack on barrel rest. Overall the Safe is durable and reliable. Add this to your wish list.

#9 7550 Paragon Safes 

Paragon safely store your firearms securely.  It has an elegant design on the front door.

Following it has 8 rifle gun storage capacity up to 47.5″ long. The storage cabinet is made up of superior and solid quality steel which makes the door and body sturdy.

You get concealed hinges that give anti-theft protection. The solid steel also protects it from mechanical tool attacks.

It a simplex safe with the simple key operation. Additionally, an interior safe box is provided for storing handguns, pistols, and any other valuables.

For the interior locker, there is a different set of keys. Its interior and exterior are coated with top quality 18 Gauge powder.

The compact Safe comes with the inbuilt barrel rest, that keeps the firearms unmovable and side by side. Also, it has grey carpet mat padding on the inside bottom. Altogether I will recommend this safe as it is durable and budget-friendly.

#10 Gearmart Fast Access Rifle Safe Large

If you’re looking for a safe that has a dual feature of access with the passcode and biometric, then Gearmart Rifle safe is most suitable for you. It has the big fingerprint scanner that scans the fingerprint within 2.5sec and gives access to the firearms during any emergency.

The safe uses smart biometric technology that can store 125 fingerprints, you can also set Pincode combination as per your choice. Apart from this, it also gives 2 spare keys for extra security.

It is effortless and straightforward to set up and use. The safe is spacious to store 5 firearms along with pistols or handguns in the small additional box inside the safe. You can entirely depend on the safe for safety and security of your kids and family from unseen situations.

The safe can also be used for storing any other valuable items to keep away from unwanted access. I liked this safe for its fast access and a sturdy body. Its a quite heavy-duty safe, you can use it for office as well as at home.

I would suggest this safe if you are looking for a durable safe.

Moreover, these safes hold the entire feature that gives you security and protection.


Owning rifle safe is as much as important than owning a gun. After research and test, our experts have reviewed the above featured rifle cabinets. Among them, Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe and Stack-On GCB-14P Steel are the best rifles safe that you can make choice.

To know more or if you have any questions for the same. Please ask in the comment below.

I would love to answer your question.


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