What to do when an electronic safe runs out of battery?(2020)

Charge battery of biometric gun vaultHere you what need to know about electronic safe!

Safe manufacturers put all their experience, knowledge, and efforts into making their products the safest to avoid home burglary.

For this reason, one of the most compromising situations that can be presented to the legitimate owner of one of them is not being able to open it and lose access to its interior. For eg in case of emergency, you need access to access your gun safe but unfortunately, it runs out of battery.

If you own a pistol or handgun or a hunting rifle then you should keep your firearm it in a rifle cabinet, Wondering why it’s important to keep a firearm in gun vaults? Because you may have kids at home or guests from whom you want to keep this rifle or pistol away for safety.

That is, being in the same situation as the intruder trying to break the security of the electronic safe or any other vault. It may be safes with a key lock whose key has been lost. Or with a mechanical combination that is not remembered or adding both methods and both adversities.

As the like installation of safe is important same is knowing what to do if the battery runs out.

In all these cases, the manufacturer’s technical support can resolve this situation. Either by providing a duplicate of the original key or an individual master combination for the biometric electronic safe after verification of the owner’s identity.

The problem seems to get complicated when it goes from an owner’s failures to a failure of the safes internal workings. This case can occur in the safes with an electronic or biometric combination cabinet

when the battery that supplies the energy for its operation runs out.

Without electricity, there is no way for the user to manipulate the numeric keypad or biometric detection and it is therefore impossible to open it.

How to open an electronic lock without electricity

It is convenient not to get overwhelmed in these circumstances, especially if you have made a good choice of the type of electronic lock. Even the most basic ones have a system to access the contents of the safe in the case we discussed. There are three possible solutions depending on the type of lock that the Safes uses.

Box with electronic lock + security key

cable and keys to open electronic gun cabinet

Adding a key to an electronic opening system involves both a safeguard and adding a security edge.

In the same way that the key allows us to continue operating the box in case of failure of the electronic lock, it also allows anyone who can obtain the security key to make the protection provided by the electronic lock irrelevant. Especially in case of the electronic rifle security cabinet, as the safe is long and can become more risk full if the keys get into the wrong hands.

For this reason, the usual recommendation of manufacturers and common sense is that the key is kept in a different place than the box is located to prevent anyone from having easy access to the key and the box.

Electronic lockbox with an external keyboard

biometric electronic gun cabinets batteriesIn this type of box, the battery that supplies power to the electronic lock is not located inside the box, but outside. It is usually hidden under the electronic panel that makes up the numeric keypad so that batteries can be changed without opening the safe.

In these cases, simply remove the electronic panel according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and proceed to replace the exhausted batteries.

This type of lock is the most common type in high-security and high-end safes but these safes are usually high at cost. But we have also reviewed the best gun safe on a budget with high-end security.

Along with the above locks, it is the safest and most comfortable solution of all since you do not need to disassemble any part of the safe. The battery is back inside and therefore inaccessible. But the connectors, normally located on the door and next to the lock, allow the supply of energy by a second battery.

In case of failure or exhaustion of the internal battery, simply connect another to these connectors so that the electronic lock works again normally, access the interior and replace the main battery of the safe.

portable charger for charging electronic small locker

A variant of this solution is the use of a portable battery that is connected by a cable to the box to temporarily supply current to the lock and allow its emergency opening. The technique is more applicable in case of travel gun safe that provides additional security if the battery runs out.

Biometric lockbox

The problem is addressed in the same way that with an electronic combination lock, the three previous assumptions can be made with the same solution.

Prevention is the best security

The truth is that any good security system includes important doses of prevention. If you are not able to open such on your own then you can also contact professionals who can help you out to open a digital safe when the battery dies.

All gun safes with electronic systems that are marketed by manufacturers can be addressed in one of the above ways in case of exhaustion of the battery or battery that supplies power. Try to hide the safe in areas that are lesser-known like wall mounted storage cabinet.

It is important to emphasize that a good safe must include quality batteries that are discharged in a progressive and constant way according to its use and issue warning signals to the user with enough time in advance.

At assured safes, we have reviewed the best safety cabinets for various use either for office, home, or shop all safes are available with us.

And this, logically, is attentive.


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