Why you should not skip the Safe maintenance?(August 2020)

Why you should not skip the gun safe maintenance

The safe has become an essential accessory to keep all precious objects safe. But it is not enough to install a safe to make you finally have peace of mind, you will also need to consider some precautions to keep your safe working properly and to avoid problems that can arise when you might not expect them. not.

Why maintenance is needed?

For a safe to work properly, you need to know how to take care of it. Regular maintenance will prevent you from more or less serious problems and thus costly repairs or replacement of equipment. We always tend to keep our valuables in security cabinets to protect it from home burglary and unwanted access.

Normally, gun safe cabinets need more maintenance as we often use it at the time of emergency or if you’re on your hunting vacation. Hunters usually use rifle security cabinets.

Also, always remember this: maintaining a safe will optimize the security of the goods stored there. Indeed, a safe that has a failure will make it easier for people with bad intentions.

Actions to be taken for the safe operation

It is essential to carry out a few checks to ensure the proper functioning of this equipment. In the event of a damaged or bent key, stop using it and duplicate it immediately so as not to risk breaking the key inside the safe opening mechanism.

Always take proper care while installing your security cabinets. A safe should not be installed in a damp room such as the bathroom or cellar. Indeed, this humidity can cause corrosion on the hinge and the lock. Mainly if your safe if not waterproof than it can cause more damage.

But if the damage is already done and you notice the presence of corrosions then all you have to do is dismantle the trunk door, apply grease, and use sandpaper to scrape the part that is corroded. Better you can buy a strong and sturdy safe that is rustproof and can be easily disguised in the wall.

V-line quick vault locking storage for gun and valuables

rustproof security wall mounted gun cabinet for storing pistol, handgun and valuables

The Security cabinet is easy to open and doesn’t require batteries. It is easy to mount in between the wall studs. It’s completely rustproof and highly durable.

On the other hand, If you have a mechanically safe and there is corrosion in your locks then it is preferable to contact a professional since the maintenance of the locks is difficult for this type of safe.

For electronic safes, a simple battery change will suffice to maintain the device. Usually, the batteries need to be changed every 2 years, but this also depends on how often you use the safe.

Either way, the safety lock gives a warning when the battery starts to run low. Safes are resistant equipment, it only takes a few maintenances to ensure the proper functioning of these devices. A simple change of battery will suffice to maintain the device.

For extra security, you should buy a safe that has 2 or 3-way access that even if the battery dies who can access your gun storage cabinet with keys or keypads.

BARSKA Quick Access Keypad Biometric Fingerprint Security

Small portable gun vault with biometric digital keypad and key access for handgun, pistols and valubles

The Barska fingerprint security gun safe is highly designed to protect your valuables. It is easy to access with fingerprint scan keypad and additional keys. The price is affordable and the gun cabinet is highly durable.

Storage of the gun cabinet

Importantly gun safes need proper storage as it consists of firearms. Kids at home or visitors should always keep away from the safety locker.

If you are a traveler and carry your safe always on the go, then you should especially look forwards to the maintenance of the portable gun vaults. As it may cause more issues then security if you are unable to access your pistol or any other valuable.

Each type of safe has its own maintenance

Maintenance varies depending on the type of safe:

  • For a key safe: beware if the key is worn, bent, or partially broken. In fact, using the key risks damaging the opening mechanism. And what would you do if your key breaks inside? To avoid inconvenience, remember to make a duplicate of the key.
  • For a mechanical combination safe: if you notice corrosion on the locks, contact a professional immediately. Indeed, the maintenance of the locks of a mechanical combination safe is more complex.
  • For an electronic combination safe: remember to replace the batteries when necessary (generally every 2 years, but varies according to the frequency of use of the safe). In the majority of cases, you will still be alerted when the batteries are low. In addition, every year, bet for a new code for optimal security.

Likewise, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the following elements should be checked regularly: the handle, the bolts, and the pivots (which can take play as they are used), the informers as well as the keypad.

PS: Be aware that your safe fears humidity. Choosing the right location will also avoid a lot of problems.

Use the service of a professional

A safe is a technical device that requires certain maintenance to keep it in good condition. The maintenance of a safe can be done by each owner, but for optimal efficiency, it is best to contact a Nice safe professional if you need the intervention of an expert.

It is the proper functioning of the safe that ensures the safety of your most valuable possessions, which is why it would be better to work with a competent locksmith. In order to help you ensure the proper functioning of your safe and avoid problems that could threaten the security of the goods which are kept in this accessory, Serrurier Nice Express provides its customers with the best craftsmen in the region who intervene for the maintenance of your safe.

If needed, we have a rapid response team that can arrive at your doorstep in 30 minutes and resolves your safe deposit box issues in no time. You will also have the assurance of entrusting the security of your property in the hands of professionals of confidence and integrity.

We have reviewed the best security cabinets and lockers for a variety of uses. You can select the perfect firearms gun vault depending on the size and use at the most inexpensive price.

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